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About Stewart Marketing Limited

After many years as Corporate Executives and Senior Managers within the Utility and Field Marketing arena, primarily representing Utility Companies, the Directors of Stewart Marketing Limited decided to form their own Company in October 2003. They wanted to transfer their knowledge of the Commercial electricity, gas and telecom markets to support their own "Customer BaseĒ by helping their customers reduce their Utility costs.

Stewart Marketing Limited is an independent brokerage and not tied to just one supplier.

How much are the Brokerage Fees?

The Brokerage will never charge a Customer a "Set-Up Fee" for their Brokering Services such as:-
  • Brown Energy Profiles 01-02 and 03-08.
  • Large Half-Hourly "00" Meters.
  • Small Mains Gas.
  • Large Mains Gas.
  • Telecommunications. 
  • Green Energy Solutions such as Solar PV or Solar Thermal.
  • ATM Placement.
Stewart Marketing Limited is paid directly by the Client not the Customer. 

Code of Practice

Each Utility Broker shall provide accurate and correct information to any Customer or potential Customers, regarding Stewart Marketing Limitedís Portfolio of products. 

They shall always:-

  • Follow the Ofgem, Ofcom, MCS, REA, LINK Codes of Conduct and Standards.
  • Follow the Clients Code of Practice.
  • Keep their Industry Knowledge "Cutting EdgeĒ.  
  • Be totally honest in any dealings with Prospects and Customers.    

Routes to Market

Stewart Marketing Limitedís Portfolio of Commercial Products shall be promoted face to face in the Business to Business Arena. These are typically Marketed to SMEís (Small to Medium Enterprises). Each Utility Broker has their own dedicated Territory. The trading heartland is mainly the Midlands and Yorkshire.  
However, this does not stop the Brokerage helping any customer outside of the heartland. As the Utility Broker Roster grows, the geography will naturally widen.
Each Broker is professionally presented:
  • They are smartly dressed.
  • All being fully Trained and Industry Experienced.
  • Carry an ID badge.
  • Maintain a stock of Business Cards and Company Leaflets.
  • They proudly maintain their Product knowledge.


The paperwork is fully completed professionally to the following high standards:-
  • The new Customer is left with a copy of their Product Contract and any agreed prices or tariffs plus a copy Letter of Authority. 
  • Contracts are posted daily into the Stewart Marketing Office in Worksop.
  • Follow-Up contact is made to the customer by the Product owners to confirm the process has began.
  • The Brokerage shall keep in touch from time to time to help further.
  • Towards the end of the contract, Stewart Marketing shall be in contact again to discuss a renewal opportunity. 

Stewart Marketing Limitedís Benefits to the Customer

The three main benefits to the customer are as follows:-
  • Guaranteed Dedicated and Independent Utility Broker.
  • Fully Professional and Industry Compliant Utility Brokers.
  • No Set-Up Fee bespoke Utility Solutions.